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Watch Batteries

Bermuda Gold & Silver is equipped with the tools, apparatus, and experience required to repair, maintain, and replace any watch battery, as well as provide the necessary checkups to ensure that your battery lives up to its fullest potential. Watch batteries have the capacity to power your watch for years, depending on the make, the size of the watch, and the different features that the watch offers that require battery-based energy to regularly function.



Disclaimer: Once the back is removed, the water resistance of the watch is no longer guaranteed. However, if this feature is required, waterproofing and watertesting can be provided to you as an additional service.

Water resistant or water proof models should have the seals inspected and replaced every 2 years to ensure that it is water proof.


Automatic Watches also known as a self-winding watches are a mechanical watch whose mainspring is wound automatically by the nature of motion on the wearer’s wrist.

Manual Windup Watches unlike automatic watches have to be wound once a day. The wearer winds the mainspring by turning the crown on the side of the watch which causes the spring to gradually unwind. A fully wound mainspring will power the watch for 24 hours, although there are some watches with a 7 day power reserve or longer, which all depends on the quality and price of the watch.

  • If you own an automatic or mechanical watch service is essential and recommended to be done every 3-5 years.