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Pearl Re-Stringing

A pearl necklace can be worn with any style, anytime of day, and for any occasion. Pearls are
considered a valuable investment, as well as a compliment to the beauty of any woman wearing
a strand. Because of their natural compact crystalline structure, pearls do have the durability to
last for a lifetime or longer. And, many of the most beautiful pearls are handed down from one
generation to another and become heirlooms.

To maintain the beauty and captivating luster of your pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings, the professionals at Bermuda Gold & Silver are available to help you care and maintain them to throughout the years. The best way to store a stand of pearls is to keep them in a soft pouch, a soft cloth or your jewelry box with a soft lining. Never keep your pearl necklaces in an airtight environment or an excessively dry area. And, how frequently you wear your pearls will determine how often you need to have them restrung. Our jewelers know is important to use the correct silk thread for your pearls, as well as the right hue of thread to match your pearls. It’s a fact that dirt, oils, and lotions from our hands get in-between the pearl beads and weaken and often cause the thread to break. When you feel it’s time to have your pearls looked at, please bring them by for a complimentary evaluation, or call for an appointment.