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Jewelry Cleaning

A regular professional cleaning is a good idea. Not only does it keep your jewelry looking its best, it also ensures that a trained professional takes a look at it on a frequent basis, allowing for the earliest possible detection of wear or damage.

Ultrasonic cleaners are machines that clean jewelry by bombarding them with sound waves. This vibration shakes off dirt while the warm soapy water gently removes any grime, especially around the prongs or settings where buildup is likely. The cleaning is completed by rinsing and steaming of your jewelry for a brilliant sparkle! Some gemstones and metal are not recommended for ultrasonic cleaning and will be cleaned with a soft-bristled non-metallic brush and steamed. Antiqued silver is cleaned in a tumbler to prevent loss of antiquing while still providing a brilliant shine.


Jewelry cleaning is complimentary, so stop by and see us today!